WAC - Youth Ministry


A Youth movement of Divine New Life Fellowship, Doha, Qatar

Our Theme Verse

2 Timothy 2:22 - Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.


To mold the future generation to live a Christian life based on core Biblical doctrines and to lead a pure moral life based on principles of Christian faith.


  • Building a relationship with God
  • Aim to live a life acceptable to Christ
  • Enabling young people to discipleship
  • Nurture them to lead a healthy life in family, church and society
  • Employ them to spread gospel


  • Conducting one meeting a month.
  • Inviting church members, elders to give talks, testimonies, advices
  • Games
  • Occasionally Junior WACs are given an opportunity on our main Friday service to lead worship, to share a message, testimonies.
  • We conduct parents meetings
  • Field visits to our sister churches in India for an interaction with the children of those churches to show them we are part of them
  • Field visits to villages in different parts of India to see the less privileged. Our children showcase programs to children in those villages.
  • Visit to Nepal.
  • Annual meetings inviting church, parents and friends of our youths to feature the talents of our youths for spiritual development and to Glorify His Name.


The advent of this movement took place in January 2009 in Doha, Qatar.

Initiated by one of our own church members, bro. Mathew Mathew. He got a burden for the youths and vision to develop our children in all realms of life, not only spiritual but also moral side.

We have two age groups.
Junior section aged between 13 – 21, senior section aged between 22 – 40

Our early days were with a start of three seniors and 12 youths, aged between 13-21.
Seniors were :

  • Br. cathew Mathew
  • Sr. Omana Zachariah
  • Sr. Asha Paul

In October 2009, we had a new addition of senior : Br. Roni Mathew.

During May 2014 there was an extension of this movement by increasing the age group to 40 years for which Br. Roni Mathew is the mentor.

From October 2017, we have a new addition to our leaders group, Sr. Shiby Mathews.

From November 2022 we have 2 new leaders Sr. Rennie Benson & Br. Arun Abraham, however due to relocation of Sis. Rennie Benson the team is now of 3.

  • Br. Mathew Mathew
  • Sr. Asha Paul
  • Br. Arun Abraham

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